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The Other Apologetic

July 6, 2012

If you are unaware of what the word apologetic means, it is a defense of the Christian faith. The study of the defense of the Christian faith is called apologetics. This blog is not interested in being an apologetics site in this traditional sense. That is why it is called The Other Apologetic. Its view is that there is more to apologetics than scholarship and argument. There is a life that goes with it. Fail there and the former becomes trivial.

Chesterton claimed that the Christian life had not been tried and found wanting, but rather, found difficult and not tried. This is not strictly so, nor do I think he meant it as all inclusive. But, what goes for the Christian life varies in so many ways, often contradictory ways, that you might imagine that the Bible has nothing to say on the matter.

Much of our problem is that we all come from different homes, experiences, and language usage, intelligence, education, denominations and we tend to impose the things that inform our lives on a bible verse. And it has been that way for a long time.

The Reformers of the Reformation were for the most part scholars. I have seen estimates for the IQs of Calvin, Luther, Melancthon, Fox and others. The lowest IQ of those who were listed was George Fox with an IQ of 155.  In short, they were  99 percentilers, academically brilliant. Their shadows loom over the church to this day.

What do I mean by this?, From the most academically gifted to those who dropped out of  high school, people in the church believe, at some level, to please God they must be Bible scholars. The proof can be found in the responses to other apologetics web sites. There are a lot of people who are in over their heads and don’t know it(this is also true of many skeptics).

There has to be an apologetic that works for all members of the church, irrespective of their education or the power of their intellects. This is the other apologetic, the apologetic of  a Christ-centered life. For, if Jesus Christ changes lives in ways that people either won’t or can’t do themselves, all the opposition, in the end, will seem mere alibiing.

But, don’t jump to conclusions, on this site, you will not see anti-intellectual diatribes. It merely takes Paul’s position that there are many parts of the body and that the body is only healthy when each is doing what it should. A liver makes a lousy  lung and an elbow a worthless knee. Amongst the apostles we see only one intellect(Paul) and one genius(John).

Often, the academically oriented leadership in the church has had difficulty in finding more than boilerplate missions for the rest of the church. I would like to bring so many people into the unique place that God has for them, that the corporate expression of all may rival academic apologetics as an expression of “the reason for the hope that is within us.” In short, everyone can live an apologetic life. The first century church was good at it. We can be, also.


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  1. Really like the tone and content of this post!


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