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September 4, 2012

My friends and family often accuse me of being so in my own intellectual world that I become incomprehensible. I have now manage to become incomprehensible to myself.

As many of my friends know, I have been fighting illness most of the month of August. Without giving details, it is enough to say that I have been kept up most nights and have had trouble with sleeping. On one of these evenings, I started a new post, oblivious to how tired I was. After the introductory paragraph came the foundation paragraph, the pinion of the discussion.

The problem is that in my sleeplessness, I seem to have keyboarded the first parts of a few sentences and only imagined that I had keyboarded in the rest. In one case, it seems that I keyboarded the beginning of one sentence and the end of another. For over a week I have wrestled with how I could discombobulate the paragraph so that I could finish the posting and post it. For the moment, I have surrendered and will leave it with the drafts for another time – to post or trash.

I have decided, instead, for the post after this, to do a Bible story, but to do it in a way you may never considered. It seems that we have a history of how Bible stories should be told and I imagine that some Bible stories are being told the same way today as they were in the early nineteenth century. The stories have been told so simply that it seems to me that much has been overlooked.

How many people, to this day believe that David had a slingshot? He did not. He had a sling, a far more lethal weapon. Some years ago, an article in Scientific American noted that a good sling man could propel a small stone to the same  velocity as a Revolutionary War musket. David was shooting bullets, in effect.

But that is only part of the problem. We, as moderns are always rushing and we, for several centuries,  have gone from making it a law to read the Bible every day to completely getting through it every year. The idea that meditating on a passage should be much more than an hour or so is foreign to us, but I believe that some scripture needs to be meditated on for days, others weeks, others months, others just momentarily. I suppose that reading the”begats” once very three to five years will not disadvantage our walk very much.

We are very much  like those Germans who speed down the Autobahn at 225 kilometers an hour. Breakneck speed gets you there faster but you miss everything along the way. It becomes a blur. At that speed you miss the wild strawberry, the bittersweet, the touch-me-not, the towhee flitting through the wood, the bluebird, the tiny finches, the kingfisher diving for his prey and hundreds of other things I could mention.

As I write this, I am less than six weeks short of fifty-one years since I gave my life to Jesus Christ and I can say that meditation of over forty years is necessary to fully understand some scripture.

So, next, the story of “Rachel, the Thief of Virtue.


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