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What am I Worth in God’s Eyes? Part II

November 1, 2012

As I said in the previous blog, it is not a good idea to decide on our worth based on how we stack up against others and Paul recommends that we not do it. Ah, but it is so easy, isn’t it? There are so many rewards in life for being the best at something, and honestly there is something in trying to be the best at something or achieving a personal best. But not always. Being the best at drinking others under the table is the path to a life of dissipation and ruin.

There are many things that we can be good at, but to measure our worth by them can be a dangerous. This is particularly true as you grow older and older and your skills begin to decline. Yet, as compensation, I find that I have acquired a huge experience base that more than compensates. But, I can make either of two mistakes: to underestimate those who  are younger or overestimate myself. Neither fares me well.

It would seem, if I am not to measure my worth against that of others then I ought to be measuring myself against my own goals. But there is a trick in this also: it is very hard to chose appropriate goals. We may make them too easy or impossible to attain to. If we obtain our goals, we must  make new ones or find ourselves in the midst of emptiness. On the other hand, if we set our goals too high for our abilities, we will fill ourselves with a sense of remorse or failure, perhaps, both.

What is left? Well, as the title of this series implies, perhaps, we ought to consider what our worth is in God’s eyes. But, as we look over our failures, both moral and in accomplishing the work of the church, we quake at the possibility.

This is an awful mistake. So let’s look a little closer at how worth is determined.

More to come.


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