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Four Stories: the First – Mari’s Mountain

November 9, 2012

    This is the first of four stories I like to tell in this order.

I heard a missionary tell this story many years ago. She had bee a missionary in post-war Japan and was running an orphanage.

One day, during the morning, she noticed one of the orphan girls named Mari, sitting by a window, looking out. As she was busy with many things, the missionary was going back and forth. Finally in the late afternoon she realized that every time she passed through the room with the window, Mari had been sitting there looking out the window. It occurred to her that Mari had to have been sitting there for hours and hours.

Something must be wrong she thought, so she stopped what she was doing to find out what the problem might be. Mari told her that it would be so wonderful to see the ocean from that window, but there was a mountain in the way. She had read that Jesus said that if you had the faith of a mustard seed you could say to a mountain, “be cast into the sea” and it would be so.

Mari did not suppose that she had even that much faith, but she did not need the whole mountain to be moved so she could see the ocean- only the top half. so she had been sitting there praying for the top of the mountain to be moved.

The missionary sat down with her and tried to explain that Jesus was using a word image, that He was not suggesting that we should be moving real mountains, but obstacles in our lives.

What would you have told Mari?


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