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Four Stories: the last – Explosions

November 29, 2012

This story I heard told by a missionary.

The early morning was rock by thunderous roars. It woke people not already up, these explosions, and so worried the nearby residents that the elders went to see what was happening. A local missionary came, as well.

What they found were men dressed in construction gear who were setting out explosive charges. The missionary looked on as the elders engaged the civil engineer at the site.

What were they doing? They were blasting away rock to make a road to a town miles and miles up the road. The government had decided that a road was needed.

The elders told him that this was a crazy idea. The government did not realize how unstable this mountain was that they were carving the road into. There were rock slides all the time. Drivers were going to be killed. Rocks would hit vehicles, smashing them or propelling them over the precipice.

The engineer told them that they were aware of the problem and that they were going to remove all the rock above the road. The elders thought that this was crazy also. It would take years to haul away all that rock.

But the engineer was undaunted. He took the elders to the precipice and asked them to look down. Below them was a cove, a finger of the sea. The engineer explained to them what they must have already known: that for some unknown reason fish would not go into the cove and that meant that fishermen would not go their either. So they were going to just push the rock off the cliff and let it fall into the cove. That way, the job could be completed quickly and at minimum expense.

The elders were astounded, but the missionary just stood quietly, away from them all and wept. For you see, just the day before, she told a little girl that God wouldn’t really move a mountain for her  and now the upper half of Mari’s mountain was to be moved and cast into the sea, just as Jesus had spoken.

It is not wise to imagine that we know what God will or won’t do, except that he will do no evil. Eye has not seen,nor ear heard…


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