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A Parable Retold

December 6, 2012

Now there was a certain man who lived in a city that is called The City of God. But he was not content to remain there. He was looking for other opportunities and he found one. He would leave the mountain city he lived in and descend to a plain below to a city that was called The City of Destruction. There his talents, his strength, his personality could all be used to make his way in life.

Now there was a little problem that he had considered, but then brushed aside. You see, the road from The City of God to The City of Destruction was a treacherous one and it was well known that there were thieves and murderers along the way. Certainly some people were indeed robbed and beaten, even killed, but the odds were against something like that happening to him. So, he set out, resolute in his delusion and as you might suspect he was robbed and left for dead.

Now there were two men each traveling alone, who came upon him. They were set on going to The City od God and not wanting to defile themselves with blood or worse yet, enter The City of God with a corpse. So they, in their pursuit of religion, passed him by, leaving him in his misery.

Then, something very strange happened, someone who was considered a half-breed and a heretic came by and, seeing the man, he had compassion on him. He did whatever he could for him and then carried him to the local inn.

There were no hospitals in those days. No one had even imagined such a thing back in those days. So bringing him to an inn to get him out of the elements was the only thing possible.

Of course, this would be a burden on the innkeeper, but the heretic, so-called, paid up front for his trouble and promised that he would return and then settle with him for anymore that he might owe.

If you have any knowledge of the Bible, you should recognize this as the story of the Good Samaritan.

You might ask if the story refers to a real person or was it just another one of Jesus’ parables. I believe it is both.

Beside the young man who asked Jesus the question, “Who is my neighbor?,” he was surrounded by Pharisees and no doubt Saduccees( there were far more Sadducees than Pharisees). Do you recall what the they had said to Jesus?

Then answered the Jews, and said unto him, Say we not well that thou art a SAMARITAN, and hast a devil? John 8:48

How about that? Could Jesus be the Good Samaritan, as we call him?   When  some one called Jesus “good teacher,” he rebuked him by saying only God is good. Are you saying that I am God?  The hidden thought is that you shoulld not go around calling all teachers “good teacher,” God alone being worthy of that title. So, unless you are calling me God incarnate, don’t do it. So, if we are going to call someone the Good Samaritan, it should be Him and not another.

If we return to the story this way, we see that religious people are so involved in their own religious affairs that they cannot get involved wiht the needs of the wounded and dying.

But, if Jesus is the Samaritan of the story, what is the inn?  Where does Christ bring the wounded and dying? Is it not to the church? And then He gives us resources to help them and says if I have not given you enough for your labors, when I return I will make it good.

I don’t suppose that when we see Him we will have a bill to present Him, but our labors in the Lord are not in vain(1 Corinthians 15:58).


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